Broomhill Sands Coastal Defence Scheme


The £20m Broomhill Sands Coastal Defence Scheme extends along approximately 2.4km of coastline near Camber, East Sussex.

The scheme aims to improve the standard of sea defence with a concrete wave wall and rock revetment. This will increase the standard of protection from one in five to one in 200 years, including allowances for climate change and changes in predicted tide levels.


The works comprise the following principal elements:
• Beach recharge to 700m of shingle beach
• Removal of existing timber groynes from this beach
• Construction of eight new timber groynes (each 54m in length) to stabilise the beach and retain the beach material
• Construction of a 1700m rock revetment and wave wall along the remainder of the frontage
• Widening and improvement of the existing access way along the top of the existing sea defences
• Provision of a number of pedestrian access steps and ramps and two maintenance ramps to the foreshore to allow future maintenance of the sea defences
• Fabrication and installation on the site of a number of artistic works, utilising timber reclaimed from removed groynes.

When complete, the scheme will provide improved protection from the risk of flooding for 1,831 properties, 825 of which are residential.