TVO participates in Health and Wellbeing Week

TVO Kier health and safety

Team Van Oord is backing an annual health and wellbeing initiative launched today (3 April) by one of its partners Kier, and is encouraging all Team Van Oord partners to participate for the benefit of their employees.

Kier’s 2017 Health and Wellbeing Week (3-7 April) looks to raise awareness of issues that, if left untreated, can lead to more serious physical and/or mental health issues, and eventually absence from work due to sickness.

The campaign focuses on a different issue each day throughout the week, starting with back care (Monday). Support and more information is available through the ‘Backcare’ website and leaflets published by the organisation, including information on back exercises.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) the focus shifts to sleep, with information from the NHS and the Sleep Council to be distributed among employees.

Other areas covered throughout the week are:

Jeanette Wright, TVO QSHE Co-ordinator, said: “The health and wellbeing of employees is of paramount importance to Team Van Oord.

“Recently we adopted the Environment Agency’s ‘R U OKAY?’ campaign to raise awareness of mental health issues and in turn empower people to take action. The campaign runs on a simple premise – start a conversation with anyone who you believe may be struggling with their mental wellbeing.

“We commend Kier for its annual Health and Wellbeing Week and hope that by picking it up and promoting across Team Van Oord we can raise awareness of these important issues among all of our partners’ employees.”

03 April 2017