Tail Sluice project completed ahead of time

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Team Van Oord has successfully completed a £1.9m refurbishment project at King’s Lynn in Norfolk.

The ‘Tail Sluice’ project commenced in April 2009 and ran for three years during non-flooding times. The works, carried out in three annual phases, comprised refurbishment of a major tidal sluice structure.

In total, seven sluice gates and seven cantilever sluice gates were refurbished in a process which involved grit blasting, painting and resealing. In addition seven sets of chains, which are used to lift the gates, were removed and replaced.

All three phases were completed on budget and years two and three were completed ahead of programme. There were no reportable incidents or accidents throughout the project.

Philip Ramsay, contracts manager Team Van Oord, said: “The sequence of the operation was critical to mitigate against the risk of flooding. We were only allowed two gates out of operation at any one time.

“During the construction period the client also instructed us to carry out additional works, which we carried out as critical path items within our construction programme. We managed to complete 10 weeks of critical path items within our original time allocation.”

February 2012