Project team thanked for making ‘a huge difference’

Selly Park South. Image: Environment Agency Midlands.

A local resident has thanked Team Van Oord for sparing them what they described as ‘a really difficult 12 months’ while carrying out a flood defence scheme in Birmingham.

The £4m Selly Park flood prevention scheme was carried out in two phases (North and South) by Team Van Oord on behalf of the Environment Agency.

The works have significantly reduced the risk of flooding from Bourn Brook, a tributary of the River Rea, for hundreds of local homes and businesses.

The works at one location – Harborne Lane – had the potential to significantly affect local residents through the removal of a sizeable quantity of arisings from the earthworks.

However, to avoid this, the project team managed – after considerable negotiation – to arrange access to site through an unused plot directly onto the main road, thereby avoiding the residential street Arosa Drive.

Janet, a local resident, said in an email after the works were complete:

“Thank you for all that you did for us during the work for the Harborne Lane arm of the flood prevention works.

“We really appreciated that you used the Arosa Drive access as little as possible; and that when access via here was necessary, the work was kept as neat and tidy as possible.

“It saved us what could have been a really difficult 12 months.

“We really appreciate that you looked after us – it made a huge difference.

“I went down the footpath after it was re-opened last summer, and already it was beginning to naturalise again. The plants and butterflies were making a beginning – it will be a good place to go in future.

“Thank you for everything.”

Selly Park North
Under the Selly Park North scheme, which was ‘fast tracked’ by the Environment Agency, the existing ground level was raised at the three-acre site of the former BBC Sports and Social Club at Pebble Mill – an area which has previously been unusable in planning terms due to its flood status.

A flood relief overflow channel off Bourn Brook further reduced flows to and under the Pershore Road Bridge. From here, a new tunnel was constructed to form an underground flood relief culvert which allows a second flood water route to pass under Pershore Road to the River Rea, thereby completing the flood mitigation scheme.

Selly Park South
This £2.7m Selly Park South flood defence scheme has reduced the risk to more than 200 residential and commercial properties in this part of Birmingham.

The scheme comprised the construction of an embankment and a pile cladded wall to prevent water from overtopping the River Rea and creation of an area to store water during storm events.

New reinforced concrete walls were constructed to protect the properties directly affected by the works, which commenced in September 2016 and was officially opened in January 2018.

12 March 2019