Prestigious award for practical training

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Van Oord, a partner in the Team Van Oord JV, has scooped a prestigious award for its approach to training students on board its vessels.

Van Oord was named the Practical Training Company of 2012 by VTL, an organisation involved with training and development in the Dutch transport and logistics sector.

VTL bestows awards on a biennial basis to companies who make it a priority to provide students with practical training. The 2012 awards were presented during an awards ceremony on 27 November.

The award was presented to Kora Huijser-Eland of Van Oord’s Ship Management Department (SMD), who expressed her gratitude to the Van Oord crew responsible for training students on board the company’s vessels.

Ms Huijser-Eland said: “ On average SMD Fleet offers an apprenticeship on board the vessels to 30 students per year.

“This award serves as recognition of the countless efforts our practical trainers make to train and coach the students during their tenure on board our vessels.”

As the national centre of expertise for education and training for the transport and logistics sector in the Netherlands, VTL bears responsibility for quality control for the professional component of vocational education.

10 December 2012