Flood defence scheme will protect North Devon community

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Team Van Oord has commenced work on a flood defence scheme to protect a village community in North Devon.

Following floods in the village of Braunton in 2004, the Environment Agency created a flood defence plan, working in liaison with the parish council. The £1.2m Braunton flood defence improvement scheme will reduce the risk of flooding in the village. The work is planned to last six months and finish at the end of April 2012.

Children from the local school, Caen Primary, joined James Morrish, chairman South West Regional Flood and Coastal Committee, to officially launch the scheme on 10 November.

The bed of the River Caen is very narrow in places as it runs through the village. This restricts flows in the river and following heavy rainfall water can escape into the village. By widening the river the risk of this happening can be reduced.

November 2011