Endangered crayfish moved as part of flood management scheme

TVO Rugeley crayfish

More than 100 crayfish have been removed from the area where Team Van Oord is carrying out a flood alleviation scheme to protect the town of Rugeley in the West Midlands.

Under the terms of the contract awarded by the Environment Agency, TVO is required to mitigate against harm to the White Clawed Crayfish inhabiting Rising Brook where the works are taking place.

The White Clawed Crayfish (austropotamobius pallipes) is an endangered European freshwater crayfish, and the only species of crayfish native to the British Isles. Looking much like miniature lobsters, the crayfish hide away under rocks and logs during the day, emerging at night to prey on larvae, snails and plants.

Despite their endangered status in the UK, large populations can still be found in clean, well-oxygenated rivers and lakes across other parts of Europe.

TVO Rugeley crayfish3

Work began on the Rugeley flood risk management scheme in October 2016 and is scheduled for completion later this month. The project will help to reduce risk to more than 114 residential properties and 157 commercial properties, and forms an integral part of the local council’s plans to regenerate parts of the town centre.

Mark Winnington, Staffordshire County Council’s cabinet member for economy, environment and transport, has described the flood defence scheme as “vital for Rugeley’s future regeneration and growth”.

Team Van Oord’s Environment and Sustainability Policy requires the company to manage the sustainability issues arising from its construction projects, including minimizing waste and carbon, maximising benefits to local communities, and training staff on environmental and sustainability awareness.

In December 2016, it was announced that TVO had topped the rankings in an annual sustainability assessment programme carried out by the Environment Agency.

Each year all contractors listed on the Environment Agency’s WEM (Water & Environment Management) Framework have to complete the ‘Schedule 14 Audit’ which comprises a questionnaire covering a number of sustainability-related topics. At the end of the process TVO emerged with the highest score of all Lot 4 partners, which covers ‘asset delivery’.

13 March 2017