EA recognises “vital support” provided by TVO

The Environment Agency has formally thanked Team Van Oord for the “vital support” it provided in dealing with flooding in Hampshire earlier this year.

During January 2014, Team Van Oord was called in to help Environment Agency operations staff and army troops to deal with an emergency flood mitigation operation in the small market town of Romsey and county town of Winchester, which sit on the Rivers Test and Itchen respectively.

The emergency plan involved the deployment of shingle filed bags and 1.5 tonne rock into the rivers, to create a dam and divert the flow of water into a flood storage area.

Team Van Oord partner JT Mackley supplied plant, equipment and materials to assist with the operation within hours of receiving the request.

In a letter written after the incident, James Humphrys, Environment Agency area manager, said: “On behalf of the Environment Agency and the residents of Romsey and Winchester, I would like to convey our warmest gratitude for the vital support you provided during our response to the flooding.

“Without you we would not have been able to respond as quickly or effectively as we did.

“We much appreciate the professionalism and helpfulness of your staff, and their patience, understanding and cooperation during the times of uncertainty and confusion that often accompany such situations.”

Maurits den Broeder, chairman of Team Van Oord, said: “Our teams were only too willing to provide support to the Environment Agency and armed forces, who were doing a fantastic job in extremely challenging circumstances.

“We work with our partners at the Environment Agency on a day-to-day basis and were pleased to stand alongside them during this time of national importance in dealing with the flooding in several areas of Southern England during winter 2013/14.”

23 April 2014