EA magazine highlights work of WEM partners

TVO EA Current Mag

The Environment Agency has published the latest edition of its ‘Current’ magazine which highlights innovation and good practice in projects carried out on behalf of the Agency.

Current is designed to be an informative newsletter, mixing articles that highlight good practice and innovation with news and up to date features.

The July 2017 edition focusses on innovation, building information modelling (BIM), sustainability and SHE&W.

The issue covers a number of projects carried out by Environment Agency Water and Environment Management (WEM) and National Cost Management Framework (NCMF2) partners, including Team Van Oord.

The WEM Framework is a commercial agreement between the Environment Agency, consultants and contractors, with agreed terms for the award of individual contracts.

It was signed in July 2013 and is a vital component in the Environment Agency’s ‘Sustainable Engineering Procurement Strategy’ (SEPS). Team Van Oord is a WEM Tier 1 supplier.

Some of the main benefits of WEM are:

  • Access to the best teams in the industry on competitive terms, whilst offering suppliers stability and continuity of work throughout the period.
  • Long term relationships – a clear commitment to work together for at least four years, and through regular forums, share best practice and develop new ideas across the whole partnership.
  • A platform for improved performance and efficiency through collaborative working, systematic supplier relationship and performance management.
  • Efficiency savings through the procurement process, consistent project delivery and bundling projects into programmes of work.
  • Provides an increased opportunity for innovation, sharing best practice and making
    them standard to deliver sustainable outcomes.

2 August 2017