All on track to complete at Rugeley before end of year

TVO rugeley completed bridge

Works on a flood defence scheme in the Staffordshire town of Rugeley are progressing well and on schedule to be complete before the end on 2017.

The scheme, which is being carried out by Team Van Oord on behalf of the Environment Agency, will help reduce flood risk to more than 114 residential and 157 commercial properties in Rugeley. It also forms an integral part of the local council’s plans to regenerate parts of the town centre.

The scheme comprises creation of a flood storage area on Hagley playing fields, which will store flood water from the ‘Rising Brook’ which runs through the town and then slowly release it back into the brook. The main feature of the flood defence is an embankment, 380 metres long and four metres high.

The reconstruction of a bridge – which is also being carried out as part of the scheme – is largely complete (featured image), with just the surfacing remaining. This element of the project has been carried out in close collaboration with the local council to ensure it is in keeping with the heritage of the surrounding area.

The bridge was previously supported by some very large rocks which have been reused in the new design. The bridge will allow the public to access a heritage trail adjacent to the Mill Leat.

TVO rugeley Oct 2017

The bank is nearly completed – ready for grass seeding

The sheet piling element of the project is also complete and the Rising Brook is now flowing through its natural path, which is a key milestone for the project.

Once the construction of the embankment is complete it will be ready for top soiling and grass seeding.

Construction will be complete by the end of December although the playing field will be closed for a further 12 months to allow the grass time to establish, as the grass plays an important role in the stability of the embankment.

Monica Stonham, Team Van Oord’s public liason officer for the scheme, said:

“We would like to thank the Rugeley community for its support and patience during the construction of the scheme.

“We appreciate that some of the construction activities have been disruptive, particularly the sheet piling which was a noisy activity.

“These works are essential to support the future regeneration of Rugeley. At present redevelopment in the town centre is constrained by flood risk. Once the scheme is complete this constraint will be removed, which will support future growth and prosperity of the town.”

Fantastic community support

In July the team working on the scheme received a ‘massive thank you’ from the coordinator of the town’s community centre.

The Centre has two flowerbeds that were badly overgrown and in desperate need of rejuvenation. When it became obvious that clearing the beds before work to reinstate them could begin was a big problem, the TVO site team was asked if they could assist in anyway.

02 November 2017